EMA's Live Concert @ Madrid, 7.11.10 (my pictures and my videos)

Since this year's European Music Awards were here in Madrid last Sunday, I was fortunate enought to have the chance to attend the live concert at Puerta de Alcalá where 30 Seconds To Mars, Katy Perry and Linkin Park preformed. I'm not a big fan of 30 Seconds To Mars but their show was really good, and Kanye West made a surprise and got up on stage to sing "Hurricane" and "Power". I still can't believe I saw him. And Katy Perry was amazing as always, she is just too gorgeous. Since I know her songs by heart, I spent the all concert singing and jumping, it was so much fun. About Linkin Park I can't say much because I wasn't there, I don't like their music.
These pictures and videos are all mine. If you want to see the whole collection of pictures click here, and become a fan in this amazing blog's Facebook Fanpage.

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J :) disse...

Katy is the best! *.*