Christmas Wishlist: Part 1 - Chanel

I think it's about time for me to start my wishlist for this year's Christmas.
I always have my nails painted and really proper and I like my hands to be beautiful all the time. I like almost all kinds of nail polish and I usually don't match its color with my clothes. But I just can't have them non-painted.
So, from one of my favorite brands in the world, Chanel, I bring you two items really wanted this year: the nail-polishes 307 - Orange Fizz and 505 - Particulière. I love both colors and I think they go really well with pretty much everything I wear.

I also wanted this next beautiful thing but I'll just keep on dreaming. It's just so perfect.

5 comentários:

Rach disse...

Well then I'll keep dreaming along with you, because I've been wanting this bag for many Christmases too now :]

PaolinaBM disse...

this bag is on my X-mas wishlist, too!! amazing! i'm following you! You can enter my TORY BURCH giveaway on my blog if you wish! Kises


Eleanor disse...

oh wow, those colours are gorgeous - especially the pink one! and i WANT that bag!!!!! aaaaaah! i need it! :) xxxx http://improcrastinate.blogspot.com

kirstyb disse...

to own that bag would be amazing xxxx

Fashion Cappuccino disse...

Chanel is always on my list! xoxoxoo