Hi Teens! Long time no posts! Well, I must say that basically, since I arrived in Portugal one month ago, I haven't stopped. I have been treating my house like a hotel, only to sleep and eat. I only have less than one month left in Portugal for Summer time before going back to Switzerland, so I'm trying to have the best time ever with my boyfriend, friends, parents and family. It has been crazy! But sooo nice.

Today I'm bringing you one of the best projects I have been part of since this blog was born almost four years ago. "New Girls On The Blog" is a project that features me alongside the young generation of Portuguese bloggers: Sofia from Mexiquer, Nádia from My Fashion Insider, Mafalda from Last Time Around, Inês from Room 91, Mariana from Miss Tangerine, photography by Jessica Silva and make-up by Victoria Marie Goulding. It was amazing to meet these beautiful bloggers that have such great personalities and that do an amazing job every single day! I hope you enjoy the article and the photos! Click on the article to enlarge! Do not forget to comment! See you in the end of the month!

8 comentários:

I am A Love Addict disse...

I love your white top

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Ana Lúcia Silva disse...

todas cheias de pinta !


Coline Chavaroche disse...

you all look so beautiful, girls!


Coline ♡

Anónimo disse...

Encontrei o teu blog através das outras bloguers deste projecto. Vou passar a seguir :)


Mariana disse...

Que giras :)
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Mariana C disse...

Também fiquei agora a conhecer o teu blog por causa deste projecto! Estive a explorar o teu blog e identifico-me contigo porque também estou a estudar fora! :)



Juseneide disse...

Olá ;)
As fotos ficaram um must,gosto dessa tua camisola brança.bjs

Insanely It disse...

Tão giras as fotos!! E tudo bloggers que sigo assíduamente ^^