Many of you don't know but... I'M BACK IN SWITZERLAND! Which means that I finally have time to update the blog! I'm back to Glion Institute of Higher Education, this time on Bulle campus, for my second, and last, semester of my Post Graduate Diploma on Event, Sport and Entertainment. I'm sooo excited for the new adventures to come and see what the next five months have in store for me. I came here yesterday, after waking up really early, and it was great to see all my international friends again. The only thing that makes me sad is having classes in August, but well, I will need to get used to it. Now I need to focus on finding the best internship as possible, so I can start in January. I want to manage and administrate music festivals, so one of my options is definitely LA (oh Coachella...). And, I hope, wherever you are, you're having a sunbath and a mojito on the beach for me :)


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Sara Cabido disse...

Está linda, com um ar super elegante! Um verdadeira senhora. Espero poder continuar a actualizar-me acerca da tua daily life!
Beijinhos, Sara

Dario Venuti disse...

beautiful look LIKE