Well, technically it's still Summer, but I started classes today. I woke up for no particular reason at half past six in the morning, jumped into the shower, had breakfast with classmates and started the day with a three hour class of Basic Financial Accounting. Don't feel sorry for me, I actually liked it. Today I'm bringing you a collection of pictures that illustrate the best of my Summer. Between turning 23, having fun at Santos Populares, having my two besties from the Institute visiting me and staying at my house, going to the beach, trying new places and enjoying the hot weater, I still spent some quality time with my boyfriend, friends and parents/family. Summer went by so fast. But that's ok. I have so many good memories and I'm sure I made the best of it. Here in Switzerland the weather is actually pretty nice, I can't complain. Let's see what surprises this semester is bringing.

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Beach, beach, beach

Having an amazing time at BLANCO

Santos Populares at its best

Healthy breakfast vs. Hard Rock Cafe dinner

Hot Dog Lovers and Artisani

Karina, Mia and I

and I at Super Bock Super Rock waiting for Azealia Banks

Some changes in my room

A photo shoot that I did for Adidas that I'm showing you tomorrow

Turning 23

5 comentários:

Thania SG disse...

i wish i could be living your summer



Mariana disse...

A comida tem ótimo aspeto :)

Insanely It disse...

Tantas fotos de comida boa que me está a dar água na boca! ahaha E mal posso esperar por ver as fotos para a Adidas! A nova colecção é tão giraa!

Catarina Pinto disse...

Adorei as fotos! :p


Luís disse...

Neve, muita neve...:-)