Nowadays, everytime I see a Summer lookbook or a Festival shoot, or basically anything that has to do with bright days, light colors and happy moments, my heart skips a beat. I can not believe Summer is just two months away!! And I could not be more happy because, since I had no Summer last year because of my internship, I can not wait to go to the beach and have fun with friends. With that being said, the lookbook I bring you today just makes me smile. Hannah Holman and Chelsea Tyler, Steven Tyler`s daughter, look dazzling for the new festival style book of LF Stores, which I highly recommend to you. The babes look dazzling in a colorful array of denim, casual tees, sunglasses and bohemian prints. Isn`t it amazing? I just love it.

4 comentários:

Joana Santos disse...

Love it! :)


Ana Godinho disse...

Adoro os padrões étnicos e mistura de cores! :D


Martin disse...

Amazing...you cant imagine how much I miss the sun..


RitaUnknown disse...

Adorei! Nunca fui a uma loja da LF mas é uma loja desejo quando for à California!
Adoro o blog, como está a correr a Suíça?