Since I came back from Easter break in Portugal, things have been a bit hectic around here. First of all I want to say it was really hard hard to fit everyone in one week, but I managed to fit my boyfriend, my friends, my parents and my family all in one week! Quite impressive, I must say! I spent the past two weeks around exams, projects and a school trip to the beautiful sky station of Zermatt to help out in an event. I had my exams for People Management and Event Planning earlier this week and I'm going to start Businness Planning and Event Management tomorrow. I spent the weekend in Zermatt helping out in Ultraks Matterhorn, a skying and running in the snow race, held in the mountain of the Toblerone chocolate. It was a lot of fun! I had an amazing time sharing my room with five very funny classmates of mine and digging a bit more in the Swiss culture. I can't wait for the next week and learning a lot more about Events, Sports and Entertainment :)

Mia's birthday dinner pic and the gifts I got for her

Some amazing food in school

The Sun is finally starting to show up

The Toblerone moutain, Matterhorn, and the beautiful village of Zermatt

Some sweets from Zermatt

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Ana Godinho disse...

OH MY GOD! Now I want to eat chocolate... Thanks xD


Rita D. disse...

O tamanho dessa tablete de chocolate =L está a dar-me água na boca. Parece tão deliciosa.


Maria Inês Ribeiro disse...

ai tanto chocolate!!! :O


Be Flame disse...

Adoro as últimas fotos ahah

Danny disse...

fiquei a babar-me pelos chocolates!

Cidade do Pecado disse...

Ai fiquei a babar-me por esses doces todos! *.*


Insanely It disse...

Sempre que vou a suiça perco-me com os chocolates!! :D Tem uma boa semana ^^