When I first saw that The Coveteur was diving into the closet of A$AP Rocky, I couldn't be more excited to see the outcome. Not only this man is capable of making me like proper hip-hop (for a person that is the biggest fan Ke$ha, I think that it is quite a big accomplishement), A$AP is a complete fashion encyclopedia. I have been noticing that some hip-hop artists have been making some improvements on their closets (like when Kanye gave is Coachella concert in 2011 rocking a - wonderful, flawless and "that would look really good on my closet" - Celine shirt), but this man takes the competition to whole new level. A pair of Nike's is a total most have for everyone. But the artist of "Long Live A$AP" rocks everything he wears from head to toe. From Alexander Wang to ACNE, Balmain to Balenciaga (as seen in the music video for "Wild for the night"), A$AP has it all.

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