Olivia Palermo for Marie Claire Spain April 2012

One of my favorite fashion girls, Olivia Palermo, looks ridiculously stunning at the April issue of Marie Claire Spain. In a retro glamour shoot by Andrew Yee, styled by Florence Reveillaud, Olivia wears amazing pieces from labels such as Yves Saint Laurent, Louis Vuitton and Valentino. This is one of my favorite editorials this year so far. She looks so beautiful and natural. But well, it's Olivia right? She could be wearing her pijamas that she would look stunning anyways. Love her.

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Fashionthrougthravel disse...

As soon as I saw the first photo I said to myself wow, this is definitely my favorite photo, but as I scrolled down I couldn't decide anymore! She's stunning in anything she puts on!

Rita Serra disse...

Olívia linda e perfeita como sempre!