bedroom details

Teens, today I want to share with you some details of bedroom. I think a bedroom is a place where you can hide yourself from the world whenever you want, so it has to be a place where you can find your own peace. But, besides that, I think it also should reflect your personality as much as possible.

Soon I'm going to move to another house and I couldn't be more excited about it. It will be an amazing experience. I've been living in the same house since I was 7 years old and I barely have memories from the one where I lived when I was born. My new house will have plenty more space for me and my parents, and my bedroom will be a Blair Waldorf sized bedroom ahah.

I'm thinking my bedroom will be a place for me but also for my friends that will visit me. I'm planning on having a lot of sleepovers and movie nights. I just love to have people around me and I will finally have a space to welcome everyone that visits. As soon as works are over I will show you some pictures. Right now my new house is a big mess.

But, for now, here are some pictures of my current bedroom. I hope you like them.

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Aiko disse...

tanta coisa bonita
adoro o relogio da casio
o chá Arizona :D

Devil Wears Louboutin disse...

Adorei ver os pormenores Rita! Tenho uma colecção Vogue como a tua no meu quarto ahah, e as pastilhas Gorila tb vieram do msm sitio que as minhas com certeza :p