Not enought time.
Possibly the three words that discribe my life the best right now.
I find myself running from one place to another, from Uni, to work, and then finally home in the end of the day, when I literally eat and go to bed.

My days have been caothic. My day starts at seven in the morning when my alarm clock rings and I jump in the shower, still sleeping, while the radio is on. Then I have breakfast with my parents and I know that, when I go out the door, right after brushing my teeth, combing my hair, putting on make-up and having a second shower of perfum, I won't stop until the end of the day.

Uni is driving me crazy. It's not that I don't like the subjects...ok, who am I trying to fool? I only like one or two. But I'm really trying to make an effort to like the other ones, or at least to pay attention during classes. But I don't feel any motivation at all. It's my last semester and it should totally be the other way around. I should be literaly jumping because I'll graduate in three months. But I'm still so far way. So many exams, so many works,... I really hate this feeling and I want to do better in Uni so I can have good grades. I just can't fail any of the subjects I'm doing.

This is my last chance. There is no other way around. It's now or never. But it's also my last chance to party like a G6. My last days as a student. Everything will be getting so much serious soon! But I can't wait to stop studying and start getting practical. I have to get good grades so I can have the internship I want (I'll tell you my options later). I'm starting to see myself more as a woman and that's good. I'm proud of all my achievements.

But, even though I'm tired of Uni, I'm not tired of my new work at all. I'm working as a room assistant at Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation and I'm loving it! Seriously, I've met so many nice people there and everyone as been so kind to me. And I've already learnt so much!

Besides that, if anyone sees my gym, give it my best regards and tell it I really miss it.

Well, this is my diary for today. I need to get into bed soon because I'll be waking up in seven hours. Going to watch Gossip Girl's new episode and then sleep.
By the way, I'm reading a book called Fashion Now 2, from Taschen, on fashion designers from around the world and I'm enjoying it so much! I really want to learn as much as I can about fashion and reading books is a great way to do it. I've been reading about the house of Balenciaga and Chanel and so much more interesting stuff. It's one of the best ways to end my day.

Well, this is it for today teens. I hope you're having an amazing week!
What has everyone been up to? I wanna know :)

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Margarida disse...

Não sei se te faz sentir melhor, mas não és a única que anda desmotivada com o curso e com as cadeiras que tens. Também me sinto assim e sempre pensei que quanto mais perto do fim mais específicas e interessantes as cadeiras se tornavam mas parece que é ao contrario... Não desanimes, vais ver que corre tudo super bem! Pensa no estágio que queres fazer como motivação! :)
Adoro o teu blog e estou a segui-lo. Será que podias ver o meu e seguires se gostares? *


Bela Monstro disse...

Força! A fac é uma grande batalha que tem que ser travada :)
Por estes lados as produções para o blogue têm-me consumido o tempo livre.