My bedroom's Tea Corner ♥

As I already said, I l-o-v-e having people around me. And I'd rather have my friends coming over to my house to talk than going to a night club where I don't listen to a thing they say. So I decided to create this tea corner in my bedroom, because, especially during Winter, there's nothing like chocolate and a cup of tea to make you feel good and cosy. It's a thing that I finally finished today and I know me and my friends are going to use it a lot during the next cold months, having sleepovers, watching Gossip Girl and having long talks with our tea to make us warm.

My giant bowl of Toblerone, one of my favorite types of chocolate!

My cups that I've been keeping since I was a child.

My water boiler and my tea collection.

A porcelain made piece of strawberry cake where I keep the sugar.

A small cupcake to keep the sweeteners and a big cupcake that a friend brought me from Rome that keeps a vanilla scented candle.

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Que canto delicioso, literalmente :P