"Fashion by Feelings" Campaign by Woolmark ♥

Earlier this week I was contacted to participate in a campaign for the Australian wool brand Woolmark called "Fashion by Feelings", which encourages people, including fashion bloggers from all over the world, to style outfits with clothes made from wool and post their looks on the site We Love Wool. What you need to do is to choose what you're feeling, like unique, happy, chic, beautiful, natural, and then post your look, that has to have at least one item made from wool, on the website. I think it's an incredible campaign that teaches that wool is a natural and renewable fiber and for me it's one of the most confortable materials you can find.
I thought I should participate because, first of all I loved the campaign, and, besides, one of my favorite clothing materials is wool and I have plenty of clothes made from it. So, I chose to feel beautiful and I posted this picture on the website. What do you think?

Check out the campaign's Facebook page HERE.

If you want to see my entire photo shoot check out The Teenage Royalty's page on Facebook HERE.

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Helena disse...

I love this pictures!
The outfit is amazing!!!

Great blog!!!