I'M BACK! And I'm not going anywhere else this time.

GOOD MORNING TEENS! How is everybody doing? Good, I hope. An amazing and busy week is about to get started and I couldn't be more excited about it!

First of all, I have to say I'M SO SORRY for disappearing after coming back to Portugal. My first three weeks here were absolutely insane and I didn't have time for posting. Getting my life back on track was not an easy task but I made it! Everything is much more calm now and I have time to do one of the things that I love the most: blogging.

Since I got here, I had the chance to see almost everyone that I haven't seen in such a long time, I had a crazy Carnival (where I had the chance to dress up as a cowgirl, a "Black Swan" ballet dancer and a 10 year-old kid), I got back to classes in my Uni (which has been amazing because now I have classes with some of my best friends), I had a couple of family dinners, I did a photo shoot with my cousin, met some friends for coffee and watched some soccer matches from my beloved team Benfica. So, this is why I haven't posted anything lately and I'm so sorry for it and I missed it a lot. But now I'm here and I promise I'm not going anywhere this time.

And this blog is about to improve a lot and it's about to get even cooler than what it was before. I have been thinking about things that I want to start posting/writing here and I have been having many great ideas. So, from now on, you can expect so much more from here and so much more amazing stuff than you were expecting before. Not only will I continue posting songs, photos, fashion and urban stuff like I did before, I'll start posting interviews to other bloggers, articles, event covers, recipes, some of my favorite things and so much more. And everything (almost) on a daily basis!!

Teens, I'm so happy to be back and to have the chance to post again. I hope that my blog doesn't let you down and I hope you keep visiting my "little corner of dazzling stuff" as much as you did before. Thanks for reading this and I hope you have an incredible week!

R <3

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denise disse...

very happy you came back :D