Home Sweet Home ♥

Coming back home was not an easy task for me. Getting my life back together turned out to be harder than what I thought it would be. During the past three weeks I lost track of how many doctors I've seen (the last time I saw them was right before summer started). I have a massive amount of stuff that I need to do for Uni and there are still many people that I want to see. Getting all my stuff done has definitely been a tough job.

But coming back home has been an amazing journey. Going to class and seeing those familiar faces again couldn't be more comforting. Coming home, exhausted after Uni, and having an home made meal ready to be eaten, never felt like it did before. Meeting my friends everyday makes me realize how the last six months didn't affect our friendship at all. Waking up in my own comfy bed is the best feeling in the world. And I actually missed being awaken by my parents every morning with the sound of the shower and their voices right in front of my bedroom.

And, for my surprise, my parents decided to operate some big changes in my bedroom after Christmas, while I was still in Madrid, during my period of exams. When I got here my walls were freshly painted (my bedroom smelled like brand-new), I had a chariot ready to be filled with my favorite clothes has an element of decoration and I had a huge space between my shelves where I now have my make-up and jewelry. But there's still a lot to be done. I need to find new lamps, mirrors and some new decoration. My bedroom is still a little empty. But I'm sure that a trip to IKEA is going to solve my "bedroom problem".

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Carlota disse...

Gostei imenso deste post. Onde é que compraste aqueles oxford pretos lindos?... ando a procura de uns assim ou castanhos escuros, mas so encontro coisas pontiagudas...

mafalda p. disse...

gostei! (: