Good morning!

Teens, WAKE UP! It's already half past nine and the sun is shining!

What a day I had yesterday! I kicked off my day by having a morning coffee with my friend A. at Starbucks (you can visit his blog HERE), then I had to go to a class during lunch break (it sucked). When the class was over, I had a late lunch with one of my best friends J. and, when we were ready, me, her and other three friends of ours went to Parque das Nações to assign for a job in a Human Research Department that's located down there.
After that I met my mother at El Corte Inglés for a fashion show where they were presenting the best items for this Spring/Summer from the brands that are sold down there. It was great! I loved some the bikinis and the collection from Gant is amazing!
Then, I had dinner at my friend's C. house and we both went to Music Box with so many other friends of ours to watch the launching of the EP of Asterisco Cardinal Bomba Caveira.

They were amazing! And one of the guitar players is one good friend of mine. I was right on the front row and I had so much fun! After that I came home, I was so exhausted.

Today is going to be a busy day too. This morning I'm going to the Finances so I have a method of payment for the job that I assigned for yesterday and that starts today's afternoon. Then I have to go to classes. After that, me and my friends are going to work. Basically, we just need to distribute chocolates within some enterprises between five and nine p.m. How though of a job is that? Not at all. Working with my friends is going to be so much fun, I'm so excited!

Tomorrow morning I am going to interview Carolina Flores from last minute dreams. I couldn't be more thrilled about it and I know it's going to be an amazing experience. And I promise to post the interview here til Sunday.

Have an awesome day!

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Anónimo disse...

ola! Tudo bem? Estive a ver o teu blog e gostei muito dos teus topicos. Tambem sou portugues mas estudo em Ingaterra! Keep going with your blog! I love your blog's topic! xxx