Something you should learn.

Seriously teens, you're the reason why you feel good or bad, happy or sad.
And you have all the rights to always be happy, satisfied and awesome.
If there's a thing that you should always feel is awesomeness.
So, if there's someone that doesn't make you feel good, just erase them from your lives. It's the only solution there's is for you to stop being sad. You shouldn't be punishing yourself.
I know it's not easy what I'm saying but believe me, sometime after the feelings you had for that person will be totally gone.
It's hard to erase someone from your life but always remember that you come first, no matter what. There no reasons for you to feel sad since you can change your own circumstances.

I had a boy who used to treat me like crap and I decided to erase him from my life. It wasn't going to be easy, I knew it, because I loved him.
After, I realized that the problem was me, something inside myself. And I needed to really work on that.
I didn't deserve to feel that way. Never. I had no reason to feel sad because I know I'm beautiful, inside and outside, and there isn't one single person that will ever convince me that I'm not. Because I know I am.
And I know you are too. Just the way you are.
So, if there's somebody that ever makes you doubt about your capacities and your awesomeness, you should erase them forever. They are no good for you. You deserve to be happy, as I realized I deserved it too.
Sometimes the problem isn't the other person, the problem is you. And you have the capacity to change that.
So go ahead, take your time, breath in, breath out, think, but never doubt that you deserve the best and that you are beautiful, just the way you are.

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m disse...

love the quotes,very cute post.

Maria Luisa disse...

só podemos pensar desta forma. só assim é correcto, só assim aprendemos e crescemos com os erros ou pelo menos a saber encarar o Passado tal como ele é e agarrar o Presente sem qualquer impedimento! gosto muito de ti..e sim, ES LINDAAA