Happy New Year!!

My dearest Teens:
I get so happy when I see that everyday more and more people read my blog. Knowing that you like what I post is one of the best feelings in the world. It's so good to know that putting my effort on sharing what I like with you is worth it. I love to read to all your comments and feedback.

So, one of my wishes for 2011 is finding the strength to always keep you updated on what's happening in the real world and in my world. I promise that next year I'll post more and more stuff, in a more regular basis. And don't forget that this is not a fashion blog, a music blog, an art blog or whatever. This is a compilation of the stuff that keeps my world spinning around and that makes my life worth living.

The Teenage Royalty is about Love, Peace and Pop Culture. And so are these things what I wish for you in 2011. Never forget about who you are and always try to make a statement in this world. You're awesome. I wish the best for next year and I hope tonight you'll have as much fun as me. CHEERS TO THAT!!

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Ivânia Santos (Diamond) disse...

nice pics!!!


johanna disse...

Bom Ano Ritinha! Obrigada pelos teus comentários, que simpática!

Maria Luisa disse...

bom ano minha querida!! muitos beijinhos

Catarina G disse...

Olá Rita (:
gostava imenso se saber que máquina fotográfica é que usas se me pudesses dizer, porque parecem-me que têm uma qualidade muito boa.
Gosto imenso do teu blog.

Stéphanie disse...

Nice rings.


Anónimo disse...