Something to inspire your weekend ♥

Oh my God teens, I have no idea where to start! I'm sorry I haven't posted anything here for sooo long. I've been so busy with university, but I'm still trying to take the most out of my Madrid's experience.
The "puente" was crazy! I had no classes from the 4th till the 8th, so yesterday I didn't want to believe when my alarm clock rang, it was so awful! During the five previous days I did so many amazing things: I went to M.I.A.'s concert (much better then the one at Sudoeste), which was a total rave, it was more like a party rather than a concert; on Sunday I went to Sala Heineken with a friend of mine from my residence and it was crazyy, I danced for more than four hours straight to some of my favourite electronic songs and had such a blast; I also had the chance to relax and do calm things such as going to IKEA to choose stuff for my bedroom in Lisbon, chill out with my friends, read magazines and write on my book.
Oh by the way, TODAY I REACHED PAGE 150 ON THE BOOK I'M WRITING! I'm just sooo happy! I hope you have the chance to ready it soon!
The only thing that is keeping me sad today is that I'm missing Lady GaGa's concert in Portugal. I bought my ticket in June when I had a little hope that I could go to Lisbon to see it. But I'm still trapped in Madrid! But at least I'll be seeing Ke$ha next Sunday and I couldn’t be more thrilled about it!
I hope you teens have an amazing weekend!

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