Today was my first day of classes. Summer semester it's on. I prefer this one to the Winter semester because it has Carnival, Easter and, in the end of it, you can start going to the beach, get a tan and look healthy :)

I really enjoyed being back to campus. I really love all my friends from University, I always have a blast with them, ether in classes or partying or just chillin'. I kicked off the day having breakfast watching 90210, which makes always great company. Then I took the underground station (I don't think I'll have the car for me that much as I had last semester) which reminded me of how much I hate public transportation. Busy and smelly.

Then my first class was French, not that sexy believe me. I have had French during the last eight years but my accent is not that good and I still have some words that confuse me. I had lunch and then I had Technics of Audiovisual Communication. I have never had it and I loved it!!! We are supposed to the a report on whatever we want. I teamed up with two of my best friends and guess what is our theme... it's ModaLisboa '10, Lisbon's Fashion Week! I'm so excited, we are going to watch all the shows, talk to famous people and, of course, you guys will have all the news first handed :) I couldn't be more excited about this project (we will have Z. joining us and helping us out in this project, he was a brilliant student and his advices are the best).

And this was the end of university today for me. I took some pictures of what I whore today. I want to share with you the clothes I wear so you can get ideas and share your points of view with me because I always like to know what you think. So, basically, I whore a sort of silk black jacket from Mango, a colorful dress from H&M (in the picture it might seem a t-shirt but it's actually a dress, not a long one but still a dress) and a high waist black skirt from Zara. All of this with black tights and black boots, lots of hearings and rings. I hope you enjoy it :)

It's all for today. I hope you have an amazing night.
Oh, and in the end of every post, I'll post one song I'm loving <3<3<3

Owl City - "Vanilla Twilight"

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amo esta banda:)