A Carnival to treasure. Forever.

So, after a hungover Friday, by four o'clock in the afternoon, I took the bus to Sesimbra. The sun was shinning. When I got there two of my six friends that were about to spend the long weekend with me came to pick me up at the bus stop. When we arrived home by five o'clock in the afternoon they were still having lunch. After that, we went to a coffee shop with other three friends of ours (that were in a different house) to chill. We got back home, we had a quick dinner by ten and half and got into our first costume: maids. We had this horrendous black dresses and cat mask (the dress was unique size so it was huge on me!). And we went down to Sesimbra, to the place where everybody parties. We watched a live concert with Brazilian music and then we went to a big bar where we partied all night. We headed home around seven o'clock in the morning. Totally tired, some where drunk and others were starving. After eating we all went to bed.

Valentine's Day. We woke up around two o'clock in the afternoon with hope to go watch the Carnival parade in Sesimbra. Hands down, it was raining. So we spent the day in the couch, in front of the fireplace, eating sweets, really warm with blankets, watching movies on TV, and, believe me, it was the most perfect Valentine's Day EVER. All the girls together, it was so much fun. Then we had a good dinner all together and got into that night's costume: school girls. I don't want to call it collegiate because it wasn't kinky at all. We had skirts by our knees, long socks, a blazer and a tie. First of all we stopped at a bar that has really cheap drinks so I drank black vodka with 7up that it's one of my favorite drinks and some shots with everybody. After that we went to the bar where we were the night before and we partied all night. We danced, we met a lot of people, we had so much fun. Actually I hadn't had that feeling of true fun a long time ago. We headed home by five o'clock.

The next day I woke up by three o'clock. We wanted to go to the parade again but it was raining and it was sooo cold. So we stayed home again and watched Lua Vermelha and Morangos com Açúcar (LOL) all afternoon. By dinner we went to our friends house to have a "mariscada". We had the most amazing dinner ever, with lots of sea food, beer and sangria. That night was clown's night in Sesimbra so we dressed up like clowns. I just put a old pijamas on and wrote YTRAP in my forehead and was ready to go. We took the bus out to dowtown Sesimbra and went to some bars first before going to the bar where we were the nights before. It had so many people at the door that a friend of mine, when we were close to the door and to speed up the process of going inside, pretended she was feeling sick an the security guard got us in quickly and we didn't pay. It was so funny because I didn't realize she was pretending and when I realized it I was like "YOU'RE AN AMAZING ACTRESS". That night was epic. The bar was crowed but we could still dance inside. We danced with some home boys and girls of Sesimbra, friends of friends. It was crazyyyyyyyyyyy. I have such good memories of that night. And everybody was going out of their minds. I loved it. We headed home but seven o'clock, willing for a good night sleep.

We woke up totally tired around three in the afternoon. We packed our things and went to downtown Sesimbra to finally watch the parade. But when we got there it started raining. We set down in a coffee to have lunch by five and got back to the house to get our things and come back to Lisbon.
I'll never forget these days. All the moments we spent together. The people I met. The people I got the chance to see again (since last year). All the partying. All the conversations we had. The fact that at some point we were five or six in the bathroom getting ready. A Valentine's Day spent with all the girls. The Brazilian music that, somehow, does not want to come out of my mind. And, from all of them, this one is my favorite and I'll have the chance to see Ivete Sangalo in Rock in Rio, 21st of May, along with Shakira and John Mayer. I'll be at the front row.

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5joanaa disse...

LOL my god. i loved itttt. divertiste te imenso em sesimbraa. bem q me tinhas dito.. IVETXII CADÊ VOCÊ, EU VIM AQUI SO PRA TXI VER!! nos no RiR lol