Fruit: figs and peaches

Flower: hibiscus

Ice Cream: McFlurry M&M's and Magnum Double Caramel

Restaurant: whatever has sushi or italian food

Number: 1

Song: Your Body Is A Wonderland - John Mayer

Color: Red

Saying: The most important relashionship you have in your life is the relashionship you have with yourself. DVF

Actor: Sean William Scott

Sight: sunset

Smell: fresh bread; Ralph by Ralph Lauren

Breakfast food: an orange, bread with ham and milk with sort of coffee called Tofina

Holiday: USA or somewhere where there is a beach

Your dream job: Mtv's event's coordinator and manager; Editor in Chief of Vogue; Public Relations of a worlwide known hotel or chain of hotels

Something you carry with you all the times: Labello Lipcare - Classic lipstick, a small brush, black mascara, my driving license and my house keys

Last movie you watched: New Moon

Last thing you said: "Does somebody have headphones to lend me?"

What is beside you: Andy and Carolina eating

The best thing that has happened to you this year: all things that relate to my summer holidays.

Who are your best friends: Bartas, Nicky, Tinez, Maria, Zé and: xoxotas - my best friends from university

Are you crushin' on someone?: yes... ok, next question

Do you believe everyone deserves a second chance?: yes

Ever stolen someone's bf or gf?: I stole Ken from Barbie. Does it count?

When I wake up in the morning...: I feel like P. Diddy

Parties are...: always welcome

I wish...: I was on holidays right now

I am totally terrified of...: big dogs

I am...: what I am.

My home is...: small, confy and cosy.

My best friend...: is a DJ.

Every day...: I run six kms, try to look the best, dance, smile and laugh

My life...: is full of people I love

I hate people who...: burp and spit

The best invention ever...: iPod and cellphone

I love it when...: people hug me.

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Vi disse...

cute! devias lançar isto como desafio é bem giro!

trendydays disse...

nicee :)


Anónimo disse...

e ficamos a saber mais um pouco sobre si :)bj

paula'maria disse...

Concordo com a Vi, fiquei com vontade de fazer o mesmo :P