Since I moved to the house I’m living in right now, one year and a half ago, I’ve been taking a lot of inspiration from Tumblr and other websites on how to decorate my bedroom. And I have to be honest with you, my favorite color for home décor is white. It brings a lot of light into the room and gives a super clean atmosphere. Besides, you can always give it a pop of color with the details. But, for me, the best material to pair up a white bedroom with is wood. I love white bedrooms with furniture made of wood. I think it gives a super calm and classy look to your bedroom. On my bedroom the sheets are white and all the furniture is made of wood. It is totally me. Today I bring you some pictures for you to take some beautiful ideas for your own bedrooms. What do you guys think? I believe it is a very classic way to décor your bedroom and it is super inviting. Your friends will also love it.

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Bian Sifredi disse...

I always say, when it comes to deco, the whiter the better!
Mortem Blonde

Ana Chousa disse...

Se ha coisa que adoro são quartos brancos :))

Sweet Love ♡,

Marta Cabral disse...

Tão cozy! Também gosto imenso =)

Joana Santos disse...

Simplesmente adoro, é mesmo o meu estilo! :P


Muny B disse...

adorei as imagens! Cool thoughts!

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joana leite disse...

Ameiii o post <3

Lady K. disse...

Great inspiration, I want all-white appartment one day! :)