Dear Teens, today I’m starting a new section on the blog dedicated to one of my favorite fashion topics, Street Style. I take a lot of inspiration from the amazing street style pictures that you can find around the web. Everything is about the details and what happens in the streets, the little things that make your outfit stand out and call the attention of other people. Today I’m sharing some amazing street style pictures with you, taken from one of my favorite websites, JAK & JIL. For me the details on each outfit are very important. I believe that you should be as original as possible. I try to make my own outfits with very simple, basic, clothes and then I get creative with the little things, like jewelry, hair and accessories. I think that in the internet there are a lot of good sources to get inspired, don't you agree? I hope these pictures inspire you.

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Vladislav Grin disse...

Amazing photos)

joana leite disse...

Love it <3