FIRST POST OF THE YEAR! Sales, of course.

My dearest Teens, first of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR! I really hope all your wishes come true and that 2013 is a great year :) I'm sorry about my absence but, since I came from New Year's, I have been feeling a bit sick. But there's a lot to do, so the blog is back on track and I'll be posting on a daily basis!

Today I did my first shopping of the year. I have to confess that I refused to go to sales right after Christmas because the stores are just so hectic, the clothes are all messed up and you have to wait ages to pay. So today, since I had to change some things that I got from Christmas, I first got into ZARA and looked around for some nice sale leftovers. And look what I found! I couldn't be more happy since I have been fancing the boots and that little cute bag for sooo long.

I think my first sales mission was a huge success! If I find something else I will let you know :)

3 comentários:

Raphaël Marques disse...

Gostei imenso dos sapatos! São super bonitos!


All about lady Things disse...

Adoooro os botins *.*

Um grande beijinho :)

All about Lady Things 

Lúcia disse...

As botas são giríssimas!