So, I’ve been in Switzerland for more than 24 hours and the first thing I have to say is: IT’S SOOO COLD! Once I arrived at Geneva airport (before waiting for departure one hour and a half inside the plane in Lisbon because of the stormy weather) it was snowing and I was transported to Glion Institute of Higher Education campus, which is situated in Montreux (one hour way from Geneva), by bus along with other school mates. Everything is so beautiful here. Everything is so white and clean. The weather was a bit shitty yesterday but today it is sunny and the mountain and the lake are just picture perfect. My roommate is an awesome 26 year-old Mexican girl, who is also my classmate. I share my floor with some Hospitality bachelor girls. Today I’m going to have the chance to meet my classmates and the Post Graduate Diploma Representative. I am sooo excited. I will have to premiere my new formal clothes, but I have no idea what shoes to wear because I sent almost all my shoes by mail and they haven’t arrived yet :( Wish me luck! Tomorrow I have more news!

P.S. – I guess I can’t complain about the view of my bedroom :)

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Insanely It disse...

:) You lucky girl! ahahah!
Já estive aí (em Montreux) e esse sítio é lindo! Além de ter um festival de jazz espectacular! have fun! ^^

denise disse...

Boa Sorteee Ritinha! Aproveita ao máximo e vai publicando ;) Big Kiss