On My Radar #1

I've been looking for things for my Christmas Wishlist. But I have to admit finding things that capture my eye has been a tough job. More tougher than I imagined it would be. So, and I keep saying, give a ZARA gift card and that is the best present you can actually give me. Every time I enter a store, I always seem to find new things, lovely stuff that I would love to own. When I'm home, I spend hours searching through the internet about things I can only own in my dreams. Since I'm saving money for Switzerland, I don't spend much money in goods. So when, I'm online, I surf through my favorite websites and collect things I think would look amazing in my closet. And today I'm bringing you some of them. I just love the color of the first earrings and the shape of the sunglasses that follow. I'm not a fan of binnies, but I can't help but to crave the grey knit turban. I also thought that a green skirt would be a good choice for Christmas Eve (and it is sooo beautiful). And I believe that the Zara Platform Peep Toe Pumps are a great way to start your Spring closet, but would also look amazing on your holidays outfits :)

Philippe Ferrandis Earrings made with Swarovski Elements

ASOS Kitten Cat Eye

Dana Lorenz for Anthropologie

Kismet Knit Turban

Milly Raquelle Combo Skirt

Tasha Crystal Bracelets

Zara Platform Peep Toe Pumps

2 comentários:

Sara Sousa disse...

adoro as pedrarias :)

Joana Carvalho disse...

Gosto bueeeee da saia!!!
beijinho e passa em http://ajoaninhavoou.blogspot.pt/2012/12/chicnova-30-giveaway-coupon.html para me deixares a tua opinião! :D