Merry Christmas, my dearest Teens.

I know this will sound more like a New Year's speech. But I'm here today to tell you THANK YOU. It's Christmas time and I believe it's the time of the year to look back and be thankful for all the amazing thanks that happend to me during the past twelve months. Everything is so different. I am so different.

Today I'm also here to let you know that many of the things that happened to me last year wouldn't have happened if I didn't have your aconditional support. Teens, thank you so much for everything. Thank you for spending your time here and to read the stuff I post. Thank you for all the opportunities. This blog wouldn't be possible without you. I love to read your nice comments and your feedback. I can't believe The Teenage Royalty is almost three years and a half!

I also want to take time and look forward to what will happen during the next few months. I'm moving to Switzerland in less than a month and there are no words for how excited I am. Really. I already want to share everything with you, I'm sure I will fulfill this blog with amazing new experiences!

I wish you all a Merry Christmas. Eat a lot. Get a lot of presents. But most of all, be surrounded by love and your loved ones. I wish you all the best!

And once again, thank you.

Much love :)


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