My dear Summer

You have finally arrived. Though I'm going to be trapped in the office because of my internship during most part time, I promise to make the best of you. I can't wait to go to the beach with my parents and my friends during the weekends and after I get out of the office. It will be amazing to watch the sunset every single day while listening to my favorite songs on my iPod. Or while reading a book, I still have to find one.

But my favorite part will be having the chance to go out with my friends and having long talks while sipping on cold drinks. And, since I moved in to my big new house just a two weeks ago, I'm pretty excited to have all my friends around. Some are probably moving in while my parents are out. I can't wait to watch moveis with them with the windows wide open.

Unfortunately I'm not going to have the chance tro travel this Summer, but, when I finish my intership, hopefully I will have the chance to travel around. I also hope to have the chance to have long walks near the river and feel that warm night breeze that I love so much.

Everything seems to be on track and I can't wait for the next three months. My favorite season of the year has just arrived and I can't wait to live it to the fullest.

Sincerely yours,


3 comentários:

Carol disse...

Adoro o teu blog conheci através da minha professora de E.T que é tua amiga ehehe ove it *.* ja subscrevi subscreve tb o meu :)

Jessica Silva disse...

Hello!! Fotografias pela nirrimi... ela é simpesmente genial! :P Obrigada pela partilha..smpre bom ver este talento.<3

Z. disse...

love the pics. i need summer asap