Have an amazing weekend!

I'm really looking forward for this weekend, so excited! Tomorrow morning I'm going shopping alone. I prefer to shop alone because I don't like to have anyone pressuring me and I like to take my time to see all the different pieces inside the store. ZARA is going to start the sales so I hope I have the chance to buy something new for my closet. In the afternoon I have a Baptism. One of my nices is getting baptized and it will be great to see my family. And, after the ceremony, we are going to have dinner together. I'm sure it will be a lot of fun.
On sunday I'm not sure what I will do, probably I'll rest at home and spend some time with my parents since we don't have much time to be together during the week. I really need to sleep though, I'm so tired. I need to charge bateries for next week.
And you? What will you do this weekend?


3 comentários:

Raslett disse...

i need that tie dye dress! xx

Ana Luisa disse...

Loving the lace tops!
guess ill be going to Zara on this next weekend ;)

Ana Luisa

David Pascht disse...

Nice shots!! love it!! :)