"We all wish we were part of a fairy tale, some magical creature in some great love story.
A little mermaid with pearls in her long pink hair gliding through the warm salty water, in love with some beautiful sailor who she sees on a ship, handsome brown eyes and a different world. Our lives are more similar to fairy tales than we think, and everywhere around us there is magic. White sand that glitters in the sun and gets stuck like diamonds to your skin, sugarcane fields under the clouds that taste sweet in the rain, running barefoot on the hot pavement to meet a boy in town, long days of summer where the moon comes out along with the sun.

Wildfox Summer collection is to be pulled on over a bikini, drying off from the water on a tropical island, sunkissed shoulders and smelling of sunscreen & coconut oil. It is for little mermaids everywhere who belive in their own fairy tale coming true."

model: Charlotte Free
styling: Cassandra Kellogg + Kimberley Gordon + Emily Faulstich

4 comentários:

Margarida disse...

love ittt <3

João Santos disse...

Realmente estas fotografias estão mesmo lindas. Dá-me a impressão que ela não se esforça nada para ficar tão perfeita nas fotografias...parece inata dela própria,natural :)


Ana Lúcia disse...


Fantastic result's


Bárbara Rolo disse...

não me consigo cansar de ver estas fotos *-*

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