It's a Blair Affair! ♥

As everybody knows, I'm a HUGE Leighton Meester fan! Not only because she plays Blair on Gossip Girl and I'm totally in love with her character, but also because she is such a fashion inspiration to me, on and off-screen. Let's get down to business, who is the girl who hasn't already envied her character's closet or her amazing sense of style? She's so incredible.

I've to say that Gossip Girl owned my heart since the first episode. I started watching it even before it came out on TV in Portugal and, since then, my Mondays haven't been the same. And Blair has always been my favorite character. I which I could have her attitude, her closet ... and Chuck, of course.

But sometimes we forget that there's a person behind the character. Leighton is such a loving and humble person off-screen. You can tell that she is totally funny but a hard worker at the same time. Besides playing Blair like nobody else could does, she stars in two movies, Country Strong and The Rommate, already out in the USA. The last one is about a totally psycho girl, Rebecca, who obsesses over her roommate, Sara (played by Minka Kelly). I watched the trailer and I have to say that it's kinda scary.

Leighton was also the cover girl for this month's issue of NYLON MAGAZINE. Her photo shoot (by Marvin Scott Jarrett) is so cute and her pictures are stunning. You can check out the video made by NYLON TV about this incredible girl and a short video about the launching of February's NYLON Party below. It's so curious how actress Michelle Trachtenberg, who played Georgina on Gossip Girl, where their characters couldn't stand each other, is actually one of Leighton's best friends. It's impossible not to love her.

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J. disse...

Blair, Leighton, GG <3

Silvana Querido disse...


Aproveito para te convidar a participar no giveaway que está a decorrer no meu blogue.


Emilie disse...

Love Leighton!

Lilith disse...

Adoro a Leighton! É muito mais bonita e muito mais natural do que aquelas loiras falsas, todas iguais, que aparecem na maioria das séries. É linda, adoro-a! :)

Anónimo disse...

Love her! Adorei o editorial na revista :)

Lucyana Mendes disse...

I'm a GG addict!