Madrid State of Mind

Since I got to this amazing city, my days have been really busy and have gone by so quickly. You might see me walking downtown, checking out the latest trends, paying attention in class (which I have every single day) or just chillin' and partying with my friends.
But, somehow, I found such a great shelter from my crazy routine at the Starbucks next to my residence. I go there almost everyday to just have a quick snack after uni, or to grab something to drink in my room, or to work and write on my book (which has almost 70 pages, I'm so proud of myself).
It's so warm and cosy, and you mostly see beautiful people, really well-dressed, and so many foreign students. And, being away from the beat of the city, even if for just one or two hours per, day feels so good. It might sound has a cliche since everybody now knows Starbucks but I've always been such a big fan since I was a young teen and I've always loved their stuff (though I can never finish a slice of cake all by myself ahah).
So this is how my afternoons look like.