Morning thoughts to sugarize your day!

Good morning girls and boys from wherever you live. Get up your lazy asses from those beds and open up your window and feel the breeze. The sun is shinning and the weather is sweet. How was your night? Sweet dreams? Well, my night was pretty decent, I always try to rest as much as I can so I can have a really productive day.

I have a challenge for you. Today you have to promise me you’ll do something different. I’m not saying you have to change the world but change your own world a little bit just for today.

If you consider yourself a bad dancer, go and take a ballet class or a hip-hop class, it depends on what you prefer, I’ll strongly suggest the second one. Dancing is something that will set you free from all your problems and bad thoughts; it’s an amazing way to express yourself and feelings!

Go and try a typical meal for lunch or dinner. There’s an huge variety of typical meals from so many countries out there that I’m sure you never tried, so today is the today to try something new. Everybody knows that I’m a sucker for Italian food but I always find place for something new in my stomach and the day I tried Japanese food my world changed. So, If I were you, I would get sushi!

Talk to the person you see every single day on the bus on your way to wherever you work or study. She/he looks nice. You never know if that person turns out to be a special one and she/he might change your life. Who knows? There are so many great people out there.

What I’m trying to say is that there’s a whole world to discover out there so why don’t you give it a try? You might get a surprise! You should get out of your shell more often and me an animal in the jungle out there!

Have a nice day!
So much love

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mafalda disse...

oh gostei tanto dessa iniciativa. :D