Victoria's Secret - About A Girl - Part 2

My best friends name's are Christine and Agnessa.

Christine is the crazy one. I mean, trully crazy. She is the ultimate party girl who loves to go out, drink, dance and to show off for the boys. I'm used to it.
She is totally hot, she has blue eyes, brown hair, she is thin, tall and really confident. Her clothes are kinda short but at least she looks good in them. I've know her since I was born. Our parents are really close friends.

She goes to Saint Joseph High School in NYC. She already got expeled from two different schools. We have many traditions together such as going for a Starbucks every week (Frappucino lovers ahah) or having brunch together every Sunday with both of our parents. We have all the good stuff like nutella, croissants, fruit, scones, hot coffee and all the yummy stuff. Sometimes we even get champagne!

She lives in a big palace next to my house with her parents, so it's really easy to see her almost everyday. It's an huge house! It's even bigger then mine. She has no brothers nor sisters so she is used to get everything she wants. Last birthday she got a Mercedes!
She is my oldest friend that I want to keep forever.

And then I have Agnessa who is totally different from Christine.

I met her in my junior year during the auditions' day at my high school. We both got in. We go to the same class and we practice every dance routine together. She is an amazing dancer and her biggest dream is to get into a Broadway Musical. She can also sing. I can't, I'm terrible.

She is blonde with blue eyes and she has great sense of style. She likes patterns like zebra and tiger, leggings, sneakers and her nails are blue.
She is calm, she likes to read and she is a good student. I'm not saying she is boring or a total nerd, she knows how to have fun aswell. She is really focused on her goals and she likes to keep everything low profile. No showing off, just having fun.

She lives in Brooklin with her parents and her two younger brothers in a small house. Her parents don't pay the school because she won a schoolarship. Thank God it's like this because her parents don't have enough money to afford this type of school. They are really humble people.

We are always talking, we both are really talkative. We always have breakfast together before going to school at a close restaurant that is runned by a greak family. That place has the best home-made pancakes in town, our favourites. The people who work there already know our names because we started going there since junior year. Sometimes they even have breakfast with us. They are really chilled people so it's good to talk with them before going to class and to focus.

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Z. disse...

baby, menos descriçao, mais acçao! queremos sangue! brigas! catfights! entao? nao te armes em eça de queiros ou qualquer dia isto aqui vira um livro! ahah

Ziggy disse...

Gostei muito da apresentação.
A victoria parece ter amigas muito fixes.
Fico a espera que postes mais.

Vi disse...

concordo com o Z....ACÇÂO! mas até agora gosto, gosto muito !
keep up

taylor disse...

She is blonde with blue eyes and she has great sense of style. She likes patterns like zebra and tiger, leggings, sneakers and her nails are blue.

thats not the greatest sense of style around here!..