Victoria's Secret - About A Girl - Part 1

My name is Victoria, I’m 18 years old and I’m from the USA, the greatest country in the world.

I live in NYC, where I was born. My house is quite big and it’s on the Upper East Side. You’re wondering if I’m one rich kid, coming from one rich family, who thinks that looks are really important? If I’m a great student but yet I love drinking because of all the pressure my parents put me through? Hell yes, I’m all that.

My father is one of the most influent people here. He owns many buildings in NYC, the big ones, and it’s a business man. He makes big money. His name is Josh Haleylane (kinda posh, right?), which makes me Victoria Haleylane.

My mum is…well, a Upper East Side mum. She likes shopping, having five o’clock teas at expensive hotels with her friends. She is always really worried about how she looks, she has done two surgeries (a facial and a lipo), and, of course, she loves my dad. She has devotion for that man. In the end, he is the one who pays the bills.

I have two twin brothers. Lucas and Mathias. They are twenty years-old and my friends love them. When they come over, they always ask me if my brothers are home. 90% of them have crushes on them, the other 10% just don’t want to admit it. I understand, they’re hot.
They work out a lot, they have a six pack, they’re tall, they are really funny and they are really alike. I get confused quite often. They have green eyes, dark brown hair, and they both pierced they left ears. Lucas got it first and Mathias after. If he hadn't done it we could distinguish them. But we can’t.

I don’t really look like them. Apart from being a girl, I have brown eyes, light brown hair, I’m 1,60 metters and I may not have a six pack but yet I’m thin.
I’m a dancer at the NYC Performing Arts’ School. I’m a senior.

I’ve been dancing since I was 6 years-old. I started with classic ballet, then contemporary ballet, then hip-hop and I finally got into this school when I was 15.
Apart from dancing, my main interests are music, photography, fashion, shopping, my friends and family and my boyfriend.
His name is Michael and he is a singer at my school. He is awesome.

We have been dating since our first year at the school. We sort of met at an house party on a Friday night. He was drunk as fuck and he asked a friend of mine for my number because he thought I was cute (if he wasn’t drunk he might not have done it, he is quite shy, believe me). Next day he decided to call me. He said “Hey Victoria, I normally don’t do this type of stuff but I saw you at the party yesterday and I digged your style”. I thought “What a fuck does this random guy that I’ve never talked to want from me?”. Anyways, I decided to give him a shot.

Well, the random guy didn’t turn out to be so random when I actually met him. We first had some coffees at the school cafeteria, we watched some movies together, but always as friends.
Then, one night, we were taking a walk by the river and he grabbed my hand, closed my eyes and kissed me. It was magical.
I'd never seen him that way but when he kissed me everything fell right.

(to be continued...)

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Z. disse...

acho que o irmao nao devia ser Mathias mas sim Mathew. É mais upper east side! e muito bem estou a ver que houve progressos na historia...para quando o proximo chapter? xx

ziggy disse...

Gostei muito da apresentação.
Espero ler mais disto.