I've known Wildfox since I first started this blog and, since the beginning, it conquered my heart. Though it is a bit expensive, the quality is super good and the pieces are unique. And, besides loving the clothes, the lookbooks they do are just beyond amazing. And this one just won my favorite Wildfox lookbook of all times, for obvious reasons. I just want everything inside my closet right now. This collection was inspired by the 70's and by the bombshells of the decade. And, above all, the shots were taken by one of my fav photographers, Mark Hunter from TheCobraSnake. Perfection.

2 comentários:

Insanely It disse...

estas fotos levam-nos de volta ao mundo dos anjos de charlie! :D Gostei tanto das malhas!!

Muny B disse...

As fotos são lindas, como sempre a wildfox nos supreende!