When I created this blog almost four years ago I thought that I would make it all about fashion and music. But then I realized that this corner of mine goes way beyond that. This is a blog about people. Simple as that. The ones that I call “The Teenage Royalty”. I look up to them, I try to stay updated on their work and, sometimes, they are people I aspire to be. Starting today and during the next three days, I am bringing you three girls that have been impressing me throughout the years. Three beauties that I know you will love as well. My three favorite Portuguese models. And, today, I am bringing you the first one, Matilde. I took advantage that Lisbon Fashion Week was just last weekend and took pictures from L Oreal Professionel Portugal facebook page to show you how amazing she is walking down the runway. I love Matilde, not only because she is really nice, but also she really reminds me of Lindsey Wixson. Don’t you agree? Matilde was only 14 when she won Modalfa Fashion Dream and now belongs to Best Models agency. And she is only 19!! I love her, she is sooo pretty.

for Dino Alves

for Pedro Pedro

for Filipe Faisca

for Ricardo Preto


for Ricardo Dourado

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Vanessa Soares disse...

I know her, she belongs to the same agency than I, Best Models.
She is lovely and I think that se has a gift: walk at the runway, cause she's perfect :)

(I posted this post on her facebook, i hope you don't mine) *

Mariana disse...

é tão gira :)

Art in Vogue disse...

thank you for you lovely comment.. i follow you back :)


fashionIsteRS_Ari e Ile D. disse...

very nice your post^_^

Anónimo disse...

tambem gosto imenso dela. mas tenho outros preferidos ;p

mary g disse...

new followerrrrrr http://modaemacarons.blogspot.it/2013/03/is-very-simple-with-verysimple.html

Helena disse...

É uma miúda cheia de pinta :)


Milex disse...

I think you are amazing

Alessia Canella disse...

I love this post!

I follow you, I hope you'll follow me back

have a nice day
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