"ALOHA FROM NEW YORK" - Mara Hoffman Spring 2013

Since I didn't have much time during the weekend to update myself on what was happening at New York Fashion Week, the first thing I did when I arrived at the office this morning was opening Style.com to check the latest fashion shows' pictures. Some I liked, others not so much. But my favorite was Mara Hoffman's. I died a bit inside when I saw her creations. The concept she created was "Aloha From New York" and, by the pictures, you can totally tell why. I can’t help but loving the chiffon maxi gowns and the bright, color-blocked details, the bikinis, the shorts, the tops, the…EVERYTHING!!! The collection has “Rita” written all over it. I love how she mixes the colors and the patterns in such a perfect way. Everything is so amazing. I'm trying to choose my favorite pieces but it is impossible because I want it all. Backstage before the show, Hoffman told Style.com, "I realized everyone isn't necessarily looking to wear Alex Wang, so I decided to stay true to myself and bring my energy, pure and clean.". And so she did. 

The fabulous Mara.

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