Jessica Hart for Maison Scotch

I don't know why but, lately, the models that end up being my favorites seem to all have a space between their front teeth. Take Ashley Smith for example. And this girl right here also has it too. Aussie model Jessica Hart looks gorgeous in the summer inspired Maison Scotch's "Été Blanc" campaign, shot in New York. Jessica is wearing some Summer essentials like flirty summer dresses, boxy menswear inspired shirts and lacy fabrics matched with her perfect rocker chic looks and casual elegance. I just love the dress on the first picture, it is sooo cute!


2 comentários:

Saltos de Cristal disse...

Adoro! :)

Ana Lúcia disse...

ela é tão gira :) E o blusão preto que usa sobre os ombros numa das fotos? OMG. i want it*