Room Under Construction

When I arrived in Lisbon on the 23rd of December for Christmas Holidays, after what seemed the longest flight of my life (my flight from Madrid was only one hour, so imagine), because I was really excited to see my family and friends, I couldn't believe when I first entered my bedroom.
What was before my shelter (as you can see HERE, full of pictures and collages I've done throughout the years), now looks like a room of an hospital for mental people. The walls are completely white, full of holes and totally empty. My closet doesn't have one of its doors. The shelves are totally messed up. I still don't know what to do with all of this, but lately I have been having some ideas popping into my head.
Do you want to help me? Do you have any suggestions? I think I may use some of them to inspire me redecorating my bedroom, so it is completely new when I get back.

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Cacao disse...

Sweetie, eu gosto de recortar letra a letra e escrever frases nas paredes (ou preferencialmente no tecto) :) Escolhe o que te inspirar! E paredes brancas.. uiiii se fossem minhas já estavam pintadas! Podes sempre ter um espacinho para cada amigo teu deixar uma marca. O que nao falta sao ideias. Nem que te ponhas no google "paint my wall - ideas" jajaja Se falar contigo sobre o genero que queres mais especificamente, sou capaz de ter a ideia que procuras. As you wish! :) Um big kiss! Te echo de menos!